Grey Triangles with Black Spots
Grey Triangles with Black Spots

Grey Triangles with Black Spots

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Great for toys, this bag will help encourage kids to pack up their toys because they will have a special place to put them!

We love using ours in the car, at the beach, on the farm - it’s perfect for carrying a few books and toys to keep the kids entertained! At home, we have one for the train set, one for tractors, colouring-in books and pencils, puzzles, blocks....

These have a drawstring ribbon at the top, a gusset base which helps them stand up, and they are 100% cotton so easy to wash and dry (always a bonus!!).

It’s not just toys though - think make-up, shoes, craft projects, gift bag.... this bag has so many uses! 

Perfect gift if you want to give something a bit different that isn’t plastic but will be appreciated!

  • 100% cotton 
  • Cold, gentle machine wash and line dry.
  • Measurements are 48cm from seam of gusset to top of bag (40cm to drawstring) and 29cm widthways.
  • To give an indication of volume, the bag will comfortably hold 2x A4 reams of paper.