Red Mistletoe

Red Mistletoe

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For kids, young and old, Santa Sacks are a fantastic idea for bringing that Christmasy feeling into your home. Use them for presents, or simply stuff with a towel or cushion for a gorgeous decoration that can sit under the tree or on your sideboard.

Our Santa Sacks are generous in size, but not Santa doesn’t feel lots of pressure to fill them up! If Santa did have a present that wouldn’t fit, we would suggest wrapping it and putting it under the Santa Sack.

  • These bags measure approx 33x53cm.
  • 100% cotton with beautifully finished French seams.
  • Drawstring cord can be taken through tab at the bottom for ease of hanging up or to make it easier for little ones to carry over their shoulder.

 Please note, the tab at the bottom of the bag may vary from photo.