Mother's Day: 12 ideas for what to write in her card...

Mother's Day: 12 ideas for what to write in her card...

These are humorous but not cringe-worthy. I hope you like them!!


“I’m sorry. Now that I have my own kids I can totally appreciate what a little pest I was. Thanks for not putting me up for adoption! I love you and hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day!”


“Now that I have my own offspring, I feel like I owe you a drink, or a car, or a private island. But since I’m also broke because of my offspring, you’re getting this card. Happy Mother’s Day!”


“Thank you for being an amazing mother. I’m sorry only one of us turned out great. It’s not your fault (it’s an odds game). Love, Your Favorite Child.”


“If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Happy Mother’s Day from your second (and favorite) child!”


“Thank you, Mum, for being wonderful, caring and… not making your meatloaf anymore.”


“Thank you for not selling me to the circus - I know it must have been tempting at times! Happy Mother’s Day!”


“Mum, thanks for not accidentally killing me like you did all those plants. Love you lots! Happy Mother’s Day!”


“Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks for putting up with me, Mum - I know you like a challenge.”


“Happy Mother’s Day, Mum! We have the perfect mother-daughter relationship. You are my mother, and I am perfect.”


“Without me, today would just be another day. You’re welcome. Happy Mother’s Day!”


“This year we decided not to make you breakfast in bed and keep your kitchen nice and clean… Happy Mother’s Day!”


“Fact: It is Mother’s Day. 

Also, fact: You are the best mum.

Happy Mother’s Day.”

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