About Us

We are designer's and creator's of beautiful handmade children's accessories & homewares. Our passion lies in creating products which make perfect gifts for the special people in your life. We understand that it is important to find the right gift for the people you love, and we love helping you do that.
This is a small business, mostly managed by one Mum (me! with some help from my Mum and a very understanding husband). After making the decision to postpone a corporate career to raise my wee man, Jack, I found that I was needing something in my life that was (selfishly, eek!) about me so I could maintain my identity. So....I and started making some Bibs and Washcloths. Next it was Quilts, Plunket Book Covers.... and Hugs and Kisses was born.
I L.O.V.E. fabric, and love creating beautiful accessories for you and your little people. Every product has a story as to why I create it. I especially adore seeing your special wee people wearing and using their Hugs and Kisses, so please please please keep sending those pictures in!