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Puffy Sidewalk Paint

This is an activity I’ve been wanting to try for ages, so hopefully someone will try it with us!! Puffy Sidewalk Paint! This activity is from ‘Mud Mates’ ( so I definitely can’t take any credit! You can make it any colour you like or a whole range of colours! Supplies:1 cup flour1 cup water 1 tablespoon dishwashing liquid (to help make clean up easier)1 piece of sidewalk chalk (or multiple smaller ends)Plastic squeeze bottles (or you could try in a jar or egg carton with a paintbrush or stick) Mix flour and water. Add dishwashing liquid. Whisk until lumps are gone. Grate chalk on finest grater setting. Mix well to combine colour. Pour paint into the bottle. Note: this...

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Water Play!

I’m going to set this up for the kids tomorrow, and depending on the weather they will either be in togs or thermal’s! Basically just a big tub, (might need two - one for each child,) some dishwashing liquid, warm water to make bubbles, a few utensils and let their imagination run wild! I’m thinking Jack (3.5 years) will probably want to wash his tractor or sandpit toys and Zoe (15 months) will just be fascinated with splashing and tipping water out of the cups. Disclaimer: dishwashing liquid might kill the grass, but give it a good hose off afterwards, and hopefully it will grow back! Have fun! xoxo

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