20 Easter Egg Treasure Hunt Clues:

20 Easter Egg Treasure Hunt Clues:

Create some magic this Easter, and design a special treasure hunt for your kids! They will love it!!

I've taken the hard work out of it for you - simply print out the clues and cut them up into smaller pieces of paper and then hide them the night before! You can use as many or as few of the clues as you like.

Note: these would also be great for a birthday treasure hunt!!

(If you would like me to email these to you, please let drop me a message: hugsandkissesnz@gmail.com ) 



This is something in your kitchen

Meat, milk and yogurt it does hold

The reason you put them in this

Is because it helps keep them cold


This clue is on some shelves

So go and take a look

It's hidden amongst words and pictures

Inside your favourite...


For the next clue

You may have to run

Because it's where 

Our clothes dry in the sun


The next clue might be 

Hard to spot

It's where the postman 

Puts things in a slot


The next clue is where you go 

If you want to see a show

I am black as night but can be filled with light 

Through me things can be seen


We hope this clue's not spinning round

With lots of soapy bubbles

If Mummy turns this machine on

The poor clue will be in trouble!


This is a place in a house

Where you might find a bookcase

A couch and coffee table

A TV and fireplace


I have four legs, 

But cannot walk

You sit at me 

When you use a fork...


It's been a long day, 

It’s time to rest

You can lie down 

On my chest...


Lift up the lid

Of a basket, not a box

The next clue is hiding

With dirty pants and socks!


The next clue is hidden in a place

Where Daddy keeps his socks

We hope they're not too smelly

Or the clue will get a shock!


The next clue, 

If you peep

Is near something 

With four wheels and goes beep


Reach new heights 

By swinging on my seat, 

A regular chair 

Just can't compete.


You're nearing the end 

Of the Easter gold rush, 

Now head to the place 

Where you'd find your toothbrush.


Give me a push 

And I'll give you some suds,

I come in handy 

When you're covered in mud!


I'll give you ice cubes 

And cold creamy treats,

When it comes to negative temperature, 

I can't be beat.


I never get angry, 

But I do get hot.

I'm the perfect place 

For a pan or a pot.


I have a round knob 

And also a lock.

Visitors and salesmen 

May give me a knock.


Hop on, let's go, 

Don’t make me beg. 

My wheels are fast, 

But use your legs!


Well done! Nearly there! 

Go out with a bang 

And find your last clue 

In the place your clothes hang.

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